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What Is Industrial Advertising?

This old profession which is called “Illuminated Advertising and Signboard Production” by self-education craftsmen, nowadays has become “Industrial Advertising” where technical staff work in accordance with the professional qualification conditions depending on the international standards. As the designs and productions are started to be made on the basis of technology, the importance of technical knowledge is more important. Due to risks of electrical and electronic connections, the processing and assembly of various raw materials which may be harmful to health, occupational health and safety of workers are being taken to the forefront to prevent possible risks. As in every sector, new generation approaches are noteworthy in this sector and this sector is developed with modern and latest techniques.

The Importance Of Industrial Advertising

The main purpose in classical signboard was to complete the function as simple as marking the location of the business organization and naming the shop and organization. Industrial advertising experts aim to achieve high prestigious results around the location and local recognition with the understanding of advertising which supports the promotional activities of the business organization with different dynamics. The signboard of the company, which only appeared on one-on-one visits before the Internet era, and advertised on its own, it is now exhibited on corporate web pages and building facades, and reaches a wider audience. Increasing brand recognition in companies with chain stores gains importance with conscious awareness. The most significant element of this awareness is to present the brand colour and logo strikingly and attractively, to use perfect lighting models in illumination and to position the signboard correctly on the building façade. Outdoor advertising has been used for centuries as a way to reach more people and to communicate with customers. The development of processing and shaping machines facilitates the use of raw materials in different qualities, while various options with different designs are emerging. For example; the composite material, which was initially released to the market as a façade material, is being used in the construction and production of illuminated signboard by discovered by a self-educated craftsman. This durable material which is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, is spreading with products with extended life, and is preferred as it reduces the costs.

The presentation of visuals and images which complement corporate identity and create selectivity in perception gain more value than ever in terms of brand communication. Business owners who want to make their own brands visible are aware of this value. Companies which follow their technical progress and update their advertisements manage to keep themselves alive in the minds of their customers by taking the chance to make a difference.

Industrial Advertising Types

Many factors such as demographic characteristics of the target audience, local characteristics of the location, physical and geographical conditions are examined during project design stage and alternatives are provided for the most successful outcome. It is determined whether the signboard is illuminated or not in accordance with the purpose of the enterprise or institution, working hours, visit schedule. Depending on the road and human circulation, totem and pylon practices can be carried out. As constant illumination of the illuminated signboards increases costs, savings can be achieved by using LED lights. Box letter practises, which are supported by 3D design, special practices and lighting, and one of the most preferred models for signboards, create attractive and flashy advertisements from different angles. Industrial advertising serves a wide range of areas from product stand designs to exhibition promotional products, from outdoor advertising purchase and management to indoor poster holders, from digital printing systems to sales support products. It follows complementary advertising elements such as corporate vehicles and fleet cladding, façade lining, sign plates inside and outside the building. In order to organize all these components, an expert staff consisting of efficient, qualified and competent personnel must work in coordination.

Stages Of Industrial Advertising

Planning and project design constitute the framework of the general work and are shaped on the basis of the needs and requests of the company. After the project is meticulously planned, the modelling and presentation stage begins. Miniature model and 3D modelling of the product described with documentation or digital presentation are designed and presented to the company. As a mutual understanding is reached, budgeting is carried out. Expenses such as raw materials, processing, transportation, labour, setting and installation, materials are calculated. After approval, the production stage begins. The production stage which lasted for weeks sometimes for months in the past, is now completed in a shorter with period precise measurement and perfect and error-free workmanship/labour in parallel with technological developments. For the products ready for setting and installation, the delivery stage begins. After taking precautions related to worker health, environment and occupational health, setting and installation is carried out.

Advertising is the most effective tool which reflects the prestige of your company. Therefore, it is utmost importance that the work is carried out by an expert in his/her field, regular maintenance should be performed due to climate and environmental conditions and intervention should be performed as soon as possible in case of problems.

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